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What can make my asthma worse?

Certain allergens can trigger your asthma symptoms if you have allergic asthma, making managing your asthma difficult. For example, dust mites, pet dander (similar to dandruff) and cockroaches are some of the most common triggers and can be found in many homes. Even windblown pollen from trees, grasses, weeds, as well as both mould spores and mould fragments, can trigger symptoms. These can be hard to control and avoid as they can exist both inside and outside the home and are so small they are practically invisible to the naked eye.

There are other things aside from allergens that can cause your asthma to get worse which include4,15

  • Alcohol
  • Excitement or stress
  • Exercise
  • Smoke
  • Not using your medicine properly
  • Being overweight
  • Perfume

For advice on asthma management and triggers, visit our hints, tips and asthma facts page.