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Environmental Triggers

  • Weather: such as dry wind, cold air, or sudden changes in weather can sometimes bring on an asthma episode29
  • Smoke: smoke can cause your breathing to worsen as it irritates your airways4
  • Dust mites: these tiny creatures are not visible to the naked eye and live in house dust. They can be found wherever dust gathers like bedding, furniture and carpets. All parts of dust mites can cause your asthma symptoms to worsen if you are allergic to them40
  • Pet dander: this is the dead skin from an animal or pet. It can be anywhere a pet is and can stick to walls, furniture and even clothes of friends visiting you (if they have pets)!15
  • Cockroaches: their saliva and body parts can all cause your symptoms to worsen. Cockroaches like warm, damp places such as basements and kitchens. They can be brought into your home with things like groceries and luggage44    

Try to avoid any environmental triggers which cause your asthma symptoms to worsen.