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Other Triggers

  • Alcohol: some people can be allergic to elements found in alcohol. It might not be all alcohol that has an effect, it could just be beer or red wine43
  • Perfume/odours: strong fumes or odours like household sprays, paint, perfumes, and scented soaps may affect your asthma and breathing. Although people are not actually allergic to the particles in these things, they can aggravate and inflame airways42
  • Being overweight: people who are very overweight or obese tend to have a smaller lung capacity, which can cause the muscles around the lung airways to contract more, making symptoms worse45
  • Not using your medicine properly: if you’re not using your medicine or treatment properly, your symptoms might not be relieved46. Visit your doctor for guidance and advice

Try to avoid the things that cause your asthma symptoms to worsen.